I like to think that I am not settling. All because I know that everyone is uniquely different.

I find myself loving someone and everything about him is just perfect. He opens the door for me, gentle, kind, generous and also absolutely loving me within the core of my being. I can actually feel it.

The problem are the areas that are important to me. Vice versa there are things that are also important to him that conflict my own. How do two people live together in the future if this is the case? How do I really go about doing this?

It is difficult to explain right here. But even the career I am trying to get into conflicts his own ideas as well. Why me?



Thank you to my good friend Derek.  Be bought me a beautiful dream catcher and a cage for my crystals to wear as a pendant.

As for the dream catcher, I feel it works very well.  I notice that I am able to go into a deep sleep.  The thing is that everytime I lay on my bed, I am not able to focus on maybe watching a TV show on my laptop or just listening to some music.  I sleep right away.  Very well.

So when I first put up my dreamcatcher, I asked Creator to cleanse and clear and then giving it the purpose in the highest and best.  It is working.  Here is the problem.

I am a dreamer.  I am known to write down all my dreams.  I seem to not remember any of them or I am in deep sleep that I cannot even dream at all.

We will see what will happen.