I swear some of them don’t have any manners at all.  Just because some of us cannot see them, they think they can tap you on the shoulder or communicate with you.


Some of them do not have manners at all.

I wonder if it is because they have no sense of time like we living humans do.

An experience happened again.  I fell asleep beside my bf and with the duration of the evening until morning, I was told to wake up three random times.  Do you know that I can tell the difference if it is ME who is making this up in my head or not.  You see, when an entity attempts to touch within 6 inches around your body (not necessarily touch your skin surface), I can actually feel a foreign energy.   I know the difference my own energetic field versus a foreign one entering the space area.

I heard a man’s voice first.  It said, “So you like little girls?”

I automatically opened my eyes slowly because I also felt a nudge.  An electrical nudge.  I said in my head, hoping that they or it can hear it telepathically.  I said, “Go away.  Im sleeping.”

It did this to me about three times that entire evening.  It was annoying.

It wasnt terrifying to me at all.  IT WAS JUST ANNOYING!

I havent had anything attempt to nudge me for OVER A YEAR now.  This tells me that my home is very protected.  The only good thing out of this experience is that I now know for sure that my HOUSE is very protected.

Im posting as a record.  I want to reread this again in the future.


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