Young Girl Asleep on Pillow

The only thing I can remember is being in a small town.  It reminded me of the small town in the movie called Back to the Future.   It didnt feel like we were in another time like in the 1950s.  I only felt that it was present and current.  I recall walking by a restaurant and I was holding a lap top.  Everyone looked at me as if they knew that I didn’t belong in that town.  They all stared at me and I could hear their side conversations with each other.  I heard them say things like, “Who is that?” or “What is she doing?”  I can literally hear myself trying to make out my thought on typing either a review or a story.  I heard myself talk to myself in my thoughts, “How shall I write about this?”  I looked up into the sky and then scanned the town from left to right.  I then started to type, “In this small town.”  Then I said to myself in thought, “No.”  Then I pressed the back button on my laptop to erase all the words.  I started to type, “In this modest town…”   I looked up from my lap top and a few people looked at me. as if they could hear the words of what I am typing and they were waiting for me to continue.  As if I was telling them a story and they are waiting for my call.   I said out loud to all of them, “Isn’t this great? Im writing a review about your town.”

(Then I woke up.)


It’s been a while, I cant remember my dreams ever since the Dream catcher made it above my bed a months ago.  I have to say that this dream does indicate some Social scenarios.  There were people I do not know.  Strangers that were curious to know who I am.  How shall I interpret this really?   Well at the top of my head, it means that  being in the community, I can write about my manifestations in social settings .  It could mean that I can go into a town of strangers and create what I want to happen in regards to being sociable.    What if it also mean that I will be entering a new town and I can decide what is going to happen.  I will be the new person in a new place and I can decide what will happen for my life there.

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