I do hope my dream is just a mediumship dream and not a premonition/prophetic dream.

I recall being in a house.  Not sure if it was a house I lived in or not.  I heard rain and I also had a voice speaking to me.   I had a gut feeling about  a person I cared for had already died.   I felt so hurt and remember that feeling of anguish.  Lots of sorrow about losing a loved one.  I recall being told in this dream that I have many choices to make and it effects the outcome of my future.

Then a voice asked me, “do you want to live or do you want your brother to live.”

To me…..the Creator that i know does not ask for such things.  I do know there are entities that have agendas that just want to mess with your head.  So I know that is a possibility too.


Yeah right!  How odd.  Using my beliefs to bring me fear.  I WONT ALLOW IT.  I choose my future and that is having my brother grow old as long as we can in this life.



This was a mediumship dream.

I knew I started off in this dream listening to a lecture by one of my professors.   Later I was in another room feeling like it was a full room of students.  I watched one of my professor’s name Patty. She was a photography professor at another college I went to.  She said there was going to be a visitor to demonstrate a Ghost gadget.

This woman with black hair medium length hair came in.  Turned on this device that was the size of a miniature amp for an electric guitar.  She said she will demonstrate how to get rid of entities.  She turned it on and she did not show her face. She showed the back of her head.  Once she turned it on.  I was thinking to myself, okay what happens?  Smoke came out of her mouth.

Patty my professor, walked up to her and said, “Let me try it.”  She walked up to her and they both held onto that amp device. Turned it on and they were both smoking out of their mouths.

I thought to myself – it is possible that an actual entity is making fun of me.  Because before I went to sleep, I was playing Tibetan singling bowls music.  I knew that it doesnt make entities disintegrate into smoke.  It actually just temporarily stay away because the sound can annoy their own vibrations.   We are all made up of vibrations.  Partially this is what holds our shape together…is vibration.

If the entities were making fun of me. They are saying that when I believe in is ridicules.  I dont believe they disintegrate.  I believe they want to stay away.  I dont believe its a permanent fix.

The Tibetan singing bowls actually make me feel grounded too.  It really works for me.