singing2I text messaged a friend of mine discussing what I had just experienced.  An interesting phenomena.  Just recording and acknowledging what is happening to me.
Me: something weird had just happened. 4:22 PM
Me: I was sitting here on the edge of my bed and I heard like a woman singing. 4:23 PM
Me: I listened carefully to cancel out the sound of the TV in living room and Simone’s internet tv. 4:23 PM
Me: As the singing continued, I walked out of my bedroom to chase the sound of simone’s internet tv and my dad watching tv in family room. The singing continued. 4:23 PM
Me: I peeked into all bedrooms if there was anything on like the extra tvs or even a radio or something. 4:24 PM
Me: Then I stood by simone’s door and asked her…”Who is singing?” She replied, “What?” I said “what are you watching?”4:25 PM


Me: She said Family Guy. I asked if anyone is singing 4:25 PM
Me: She said no. I walked to my bedroom and I sat back on my bed. I still heard it. I sang back to it and copied the way she was singing. 4:25 PM
Me: She didnt sing with words. It was more like….singing, “Tadah dah dah dah…” But it was beautiful too. 4:26 PM
Me: after copying her singing…i said to her, “Sing louder.” She sang timidly soft…..then faded gone. 4:30 PM

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