Yes I need to stop saying, “Did this really happen?”

I did two readings this weekend and I was surprised to see have done two readings for volunteering in a class.  I have already taken a similar class and I havent done mediumship in over a year.

The first reading, I was surprised that whatever I said out loud and translated to communicated….I was spot on.  The person I did this reading for cried in tears and was surprised that I was able to know these private details.  So this is for me to record my experience.  I recalled a red ribbon, hiking or walking, leaves falling, bicycles, a gregarious person, cheek to cheek and accepting that it was okay…she wanted to be remembered as he remembered her.

The second reading..I was able to identify a yellow house this person grew up in.  And many more details.  My recorded experience without revealing all.  A child with pigtails swinging standing,  a yellow house with white trimmings,  knocking on the head, wagon, apples and a woven hat like mambo kings.

Yes I was surprised.  Why?  Because i havent done this in over a year.  Then…I realized that mediumship is not so bad if I AM IN CONTROL.  When these things start…hogging into my space and asking for help..or telling me their story, that is what makes me upset and angry.  I do not like to be out of control.  MY TERMS….MY RULES and MY SPACE.

So it was not so bad.  All of this was done through the 7th plane.

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