I have recurring memories about the Roman colosseum.  Or lets say “A” Roman Colosseum.  I realized there are many all over Europe since the Romans have conquered almost all over.  I always thought these memories were just dreams or possibly a mediumship dream.  But now I know it is not but a recurring memory that just haunts me time to time.

It also plays out in this time line that I live in which tells me that I am reminded that these are things have already occurred.  This morning I realized that I will need to attempt to heal the person who is living through these memories of the times at the Roman Colosseum.


She is looking into the mirror and she sees long red hair.  Her dress has long sleeves and it had blue patterns and a garland of flowers was placed on her head.  She says, “I’m so excited, he is coming to visit me.”  Of course I do not know the language, but I could feel her.  I can understand her.  I could feel that the man she loves is the man she has chosen to marry someday.  As she walks outdoors, there is a festival of people with tents and people walking around.  It looked like a celebration on the grounds of her home.  At the edge up ahead is the sea.  She can feel the warm wind against her face.


She is traveling with the man she loves.  They spent days and months traveling to his home.  They are in love.  He talks about having her children, and that she is his queen.  For months traveling to his home, he protects her, comforts her and lets her know that she is the mother of his children.  He was so in love with her.

As they travel closer and closer to his home town, he was told that he will need to stop to visit the town’s official.  He goes to a gate and they are being attacked by soldiers.  She realizes that the man she loves was an important man.  They did not harm him and said that his parents have been waiting for him.  As he is being escorted to meet his family, the Roman soldiers take hold of her and taken her to a door.  The door opened and a man with a red cape taken her to the middle of this arena that resembled a Colosseum.  Her stomach tightened.  It fell to the bottom of her feet and her mouth went dry.  She was feeling sick to her stomach.  After she stood there beside this man looking out of this empty colosseum, she was pulled into a dungeon that had bars.  She was alone and stayed here for days and weeks.

Her lover returns to her cell door and he tells her that he promises to return to take her out.  His parents said that she was a pagan and that she has put on sorcery or witchcraft on their son for falling in love with her.  They blamed her for mesmerizing him.  After a few visits by her lover, she slowly deteriorated physically and emotionally.  Later he longer visited her.

In this dark cell, she sits alone and think about how did she get here.  She starts to create blocks that she will no longer reveal who she is.  If they know her, she will die.  If she falls in love again, she will die.  If she loves again, she will be killed.

One day she was taken with the rest of other slaves to the middle of the colosseum.  She was being fed to the Lions.  She can no longer remember anything.  She is malnourished and also full of regret.  She was ready to die.  Suddenly she collapsed in the middle of the arena.  She died even before the Lion took a taste of her fragile body.


She falls in love with several men.  One of who was very religious and have chosen his religion before her.  She understood and set him free.  She continues to be naive and relives this timeline with the belief that a man will love her no matter what religion he is in.  That her love is enough to conquer their love and that it would be EPIC.  She now realizes after replaying this timeline, that she is replaying these beliefs over and over again in her subconscious.  She must learn to stop this lesson.

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