I spent the day in bed after studying from yesterday.   I didnt plan on staying in bed all day.  I just was in pain because of my monthly menses.  Ironically it started on Valentine’s day which is a full moon for 2014.

I sometimes wonder if the topics I write about are a bit way out of line.  I do have followers in my blog who don’t show any indication that they believe in other realms or have an understanding of the intuitive community.  I wonder sometimes if I do sound a bit crazy.  I figured that since it is my blog, I can write whatever I want.  Regardless if it sounds ridicules or crazy, I just write it out anyway.

So now it is February of 2014.  I havent really written anything very serious.  This year is a number 7 year which represents spirituality.

I also live in a number 7 house and believe me living here has forced me to learn more about the human capabilities of being intuitive.    I just hope it wont force me to see even more.


For the last 2013 year, I went back to school and also maintain the gift of knowing.  I didnt spend too much time becoming learning more.  I just used what I had and tried to understand it.  Such as mediumship.


I did spend a few moments last year in 2013 doing readings speaking to client’s and their family members that had passed.  The kind of mediumship I do is where the spirit is right outside my AURIC field.  I refuse to do mediumship where they take place into my space.

How does it work for me?  I know everyone is different and I have to say if you can do what I do, you can probably do it where the spirit enters your space.  It has happened a couple of times for me when I was 12 years old.  I recall being very ill and I had sleep walked to the bathroom.  Here is the odd thing.  I knew I walked to the bathroom.  I also remember walking back to the living room and asking my cousin for help.  When he wouldnt help me, that was when I realized i was sleep walking.  I know some of you think that is a condition of stress or a sleeping disorder.  I have began to learn since living in this home that there are lots of possiblities of the spirit world that we dont know about.

Also – I know that when I am in bed or sitting, I am slightly levitating.  When you start to feel some minor levitation, you should check to see if an entity is stuck to you.  Also when you start to feel strange symptoms that are unexplained.  I recall a Thetahealer telling me that her daughter use to be this active teenager, cheerleader, soccer player, swimmer…then all of a sudden she could no longer do those things and had body aches like an old person.   The mother did some research and started learning to treat her daughter.  She later got some healers to take a look at her.  They found an old woman was residing in her body.  An old woman who didnt know she was dead.

That is why, healers, psychics, mediums….intuitives need to cleanse as much as possible within a day.  I do it right before I go to bed.  When I lazy, I just do the quick fix regime that I do have set up.

If you don’t know how to cleanse yourself, take a lot of salt baths with natural sea salt.  Soak yourself in warm/hot water until the water starts to cool down.  This lets these entities to leave.


What are my goals for this year 2014?  Short term Goals.

I plan to graduate of course from my program.  Then I will finish up on my 390 hours of fieldwork.  When that is over, I will take the National and California Board Exam.  When that is done, I will find a job.  Hopefully I can find a job in the East Coast.  We will see.  That is something I really want to do.


I will probably be with a job by 2015.  Then I will work and try to get my life started.  Save money….pay a lot of attention to my health such as maybe getting these silver things replaced with porcelain.  I heard they are responsible for memory loss.  So I need to get rid of them.

Everything that I put on hold in 2013, I will revisit these habits or memories to see if I need to change them or not.  I still love photography. I am just taking a break from doing it professionally.  I believe that I can still do it even though I will be in the medical field.  I just will do it sparingly.  It’s not a full time job for me.    I want to someday see if I can publish a photography book.

I want to also visit an old friend in Italy.  That is something I need to do because if I plan on living happily, I do need to visit.  It is just something I have been aching to do.

Next when that is all settled, I plan to work for another 3 years and hopefully save up to buy a house.


I havent really decided yet.  I hope it will be in a New England State.  If not, I can settle for Seattle or Hawaii.  New York I love a lot but we will see.  That is something I am unsure if I can do because I do not know if my parents will like it too when it is time to have them near me.


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