The most hit topic on my blog is starting your menstruation during the full moon.

The last time I wrote about it was 3 years ago and I still get hits where people desperately want to know if there is anyone out there that have similar experiences.

Right now it is February 15, 2014.  When I checked the calendar, Valentines day, February 14, 2014 is a FULL MOON.  My period did began on this day.  So those of you who are wondering if there is someone out there who have the same phenomena, you’re not alone.

I have read articles out there that say that the moon is a representation of our female energy.  Most babies are born strangely during the full moon too.

Just be reassured that nothing is wrong with you.  It is a female energy and also it is the best time to re-energize your feminine strength.  Also the more and more intuitive you become, the more your period will sync with the moon.  Don’t take my word for it, I just read it from another article somewhere.

If you are the type that believes that there is more than this one sided human experience,  you know what I am talking about.

Be blessed and thankful that you are not alone and that many women out there are sharing the same cleansing experiences during the full moon.

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