I was with a man and another young girl.  She was upset because she was about to meet her birth parents.  It looked like the man adopted her and it was time to meet her birth parents.   She was throwing a tantrum and got upset.  I saw the woman with a baby walk by the window.

Another scene….I was helping her move out of the house.  I helped her lock a giant trunk.  We left the trunk against the wall.  At this point of this dream we left the house but I do not remember where.  But It seemed that I returned to the house and heard a voice in the trunk.  I unlocked the trunk there was her father.    She packed her father inside the trunk.

Later on the scene changed and I had M with me.  I walked him over to the dining table and I introduced him to my mother.  I told him have a seat at the right side of the table.  The TV seemed to be playing.  As we were eating, I felt a bit ashamed because he only had a fork.  It felt like we were eating chicken.  I also felt like he was looking above my shoulder and got a glimpse of a television that was around the corner over into the next room.  Which meant that I couldnt see the TV from where I was at.  I recall him saying that the drama on the TV is nothing.

Then later it seemed like I was no longer in this part of the dream because he scolded the man that was inside the room with us.  He told him to stay away from me.

Then that was the end of the dream. Woke up.



There are just too much stuff going on.

Perhaps the little girl might be me.  She is afraid of change or afraid of the truth.  Putting her father into a trunk is just trying to stop him from telling her the truth.  Here is the strange thing…..she did go somewhere..I assume back to her real mother, but I have no idea why she would put her father into a trunk.  In the dream I remember feeling quite disturbed with the idea of why she put him in there.  I was thinking how barbaric that was and thought she needed some mental help.  Well if I have to understand this to interpret that….those feelings of getting help might not be far fetched.  I do have issues in real life to face the harshness of reality.  But I didnt know that I would take great measures to seal that from happening or coming into reality.  The father represented the truth.  He didnt want to return her to her birth parents, he just wanted to introduce her.

The scene of M having a meal at the table.  Eating is a personal activity.  The reason for that is because you are eating and putting stuff into your body is a personal thing.  So having also a meal with M is a big deal to me.  I havent had many dreams that have ourselves eating.  But this was great. I introduced him to my mother.  I had feelings in this dream of being embarrassed because he only had a fork.  I guess I always felt that M was a lot more refined than I am.  He knew all the ettiquette of the correct utensils.  I recall also in this dream having chicken….in real life I recall M telling me a story about his father letting him eat a chicken on the bone and he had to eat the whole thing with just his fork and knife.  I guess I felt in this dream that he was going to have a hard time eating that chicken on the bone with just a fork only.  I felt a little embarrassed.  Could it be that I may feel embarrassed towards him…..as if I cannot provide some of the finer things that he may be use to.  As for the television that I could not see over my shoulder, he says it was overly dramatic.  I guess there is some drama that only he can see.  He may have some things in his life that I am unaware of.  Events or things referring to keeping himself up to date….I cannot see them.  Which is true in real life because I am unaware of what is going on with his life.  When our meal was over….he told a man that felt like he was a a guy that hung out with me.  M was acting protective and told him to stay away from me.  I have no idea what this means but maybe it is the literal sense.  I do remember him being a jealous type person before but I dont know if it could literally just be that way in my dream as to interpret it.

As I said before.  It is possible that the first part of this dream might be literally symbolic for me………IT IS ALSO Possible that it might be a mediumship dream too.

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