I finally changed my web site layout.  Chose the forever theme cause I liked it so much when I helped a friend make her wedding blog.  I also made it less corporate looking to make it more of a blog.  It is my personal page with my thoughts, so it would be best to keep it as personalized as possible.  As for healing…I still do it.  I do it on a regular basis on myself and sometimes when there is a friend who desperately needs it, Ill go ahead and help out.

I do want to finally learn intuitive anatomy and world relations.  I will have to do this before I travel out to Europe since I do have issues with places like Rome.  I have muscle tested surrounding Rome and it is needs to be cleared.  The last time I attempted to ask Creator to clear it, I was trying very hard not to suffer. I thought it cleared but after a year, I went ahead and try to clear it again, but I ended up muscle testing it being there again.  YUP!  Oh well.  Hope you like the new layout and theme.  I love it.

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