1I tried a digging session on myself today.  I worked on the fear of being rejected.  As I digged deeper and deeper….I came across the belief that I was rejected by mother since she did have plans on aborting me before I was born.  The whole  story is just blah blah too much to type it out.  But that is flat out what it was.

I thought I was resentful towards my mother because of feeling rejected.  But I felt Creator say to go deeper.  As I went deeper and deeper….I started to uncover something that was very painful.

I know this is hard to believe but I remember my heavenly father.  Ive known this for years. I know some people may call their heavenly father differently but in other words, he is my soul father….that is from my soul family.  I know it’s hard to believe but I remember being at that state where I was at my MOST HIGHEST bliss.  Very much happy.  So so so happy that I cannot describe that feeling.  I guess I can describe it as that I never felt that way in all my life on this earth.  I recall being told by my heavenly father….he gaver me a profile about my parents and that I need to go and live in that life as their daughter.  It felt like I was being ripped out of the arms of my heavenly parents and forced to go somewhere.  I remember screaming out and crying and I TELEPATHICALLY remember my heavenly father in sadness and pain.  He had no choice.  It was very painful.

I remember being born.  Second by second….it felt like a slow motion washing machine. My body being formed and pain.  I also telepathically felt my mother in pain as I was growing in her body and also being born. It was a terrifying experience.

Well….going back to the healing.  I found my bottom belief about my heavenly father rejecting me.  “I RESENT MY HEAVENLY FATHER FOR REJECTING ME.”  Then I asked Creator to make the change. I asked to change it to, “i know how to live without rejection, i know how to accept myself.”

WHen it was being done, I started to feel a lightness within me.  Little tiny particles were moving inside and outside my body.  I felt lighter.  Then I took a nap.  The first time I woke up….i had a dull headache.  Then later the chills.

Mind you that I had two part dream after this healing.  You may wanna read the dream i posted before this blog entry.

It’s interesting.  If the resentment wasnt there, I wouldnt have felt these changes.  There would be no headache and no chills.  Also I muscle tested.  So I guess I felt the bottom belief and asked Creator to resolve it.  I feel that I need to remove the grudge and possibly more surrounding the THREE Rs.  Keeping you posted!


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