In Thetahealing it’s been discussed that healings happen instantly.  When it comes to downloads (download feelings) into yourself or others, they say it could take up to three sleeping cycles to have the neuro pathways to set in.

I don’t wanna get into detail about my issues, but I have been doing some bad habits because of memories that surfaced since the holidays.  Ever since I have learned Thetahealing, I have been enthusiastically using the modality to help myself and also have done it on others that would ask for it.   I don’t know about other Thetahealers, but most of the time, you try your best not to think negative as much as possible.

We have this new life experiment activity in the basic class and also we talk about it again in advance.  It’s just the basic foundation of watching yourself from being negative.  Because thoughts do travel very quick and it is also a recipe for manifestation.  Do get to the point, I have been practicing the act of staying positive.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have to correct myself at times when I find myself being negative.  When that happens I would address the issue and ask Creator for a change.

So imagine being positive for the past four years since I’ve learned Thetahealing…..then suddenly you came across a hurdle.  In my case…a past relationship surfaced and I was dealing with the memories and also the triggers.  This particular relationship that I remember came with lots of resentment and also a lot of sadness.  I knew for years that I needed to address it, but I put it off because at the time it served me.  I literally believed that if I didn’t ask for a change, I would remember.  I wanted to remember. Why?  Because humans literally like drama and I was one that wanted to keep those issues because it made me remember the pain.  It literally made me remember how much I loved this person.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love this person.  I just think it was not healthy to continue the beating on being triggered.

So I did belief work on myself and also three rs.  If you read my last few blog entries, you will see I am going through something.

I dont want to go into detail but it was about resenting myself too.  Also resenting him because even though we reconnected around the holidays, I was feeling things like, “Why is it that we are easily at REACH for eachother, but yet I feel like I am being ignored.”   I had to literally stand far away and look at myself and say that he has no idea that I am feeling this way.  I am the one who is making myself irritated, annoyed and triggered.

Now how will I ever have a healthy relationship in the future if I continued this drama?  My own drama?  How will I even repair my friendship with this person if I am continuing the drama in my head.  This is the same as dealing with forgiveness.

I resent ___ for ignoring me.

I resent  ___ for making me feel insignificant.

I know this sounds strange if you’re not a Thetahealer.    But I even dugged deeper to find my own bottom belief.


So I did sleep at least three cycles. I woke up this morning feeling just about normal.  But after thirty minutes of my blood pumping, my body was now warmed up.  I started to feel this dull headache on the frontal part of my head.  FRONTAL LOBE.

They say when you do belief work, downloads or healings, you can experience these tiny weird headaches.  They are not migraines.  They are just strange dull ones.

The neuro pathways break and create new ones made by Creator.

So I tried my best to see if it might be psychic attacks…of course that did not clear it.  I also did a balancing of my chakras….that still continued the dull headache.

So I decided to let it be.

I came home hours later and fell asleep.  Woke up feeling better again and back to normal.


I know you must be thinking…..thats just a plain headache.  Well you need to understand, I NEVER HARDLY GET HEADACHES.  So after doing belief work and getting this type of phsyical feedback, I feel fortunate because I know Creator has made that change.

I will keep a close watch on myself to see if I continue my bad habits of continuing this resentment and drama. So far, I do not seek to continue the drama.  I will keep you posted on the progress Ive made on this issue. SO FAR SO GOOD!

Ill keep you all updated!


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