Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIt didn’t quite feel like a dream.  It felt like someone was talking to me.  Not sure yet if it was my guides or mediumship stuff was kicking in.  I recall the conversation was about building a support system.

I say that it might be mediumship because I do know there are some tricksters that do want to hang out with me.  I don’t want any entities or whatever hanging out with me if they do not serve me any purpose. I don’t like anything that will influence me at all.  So when you have entities trying to convince you to give permission to have others make decisions for you, its a really bad idea.

I do know for a fact that there are a lot of people out there who really do not know that this is happening to them.  They dont know if something is actually attached to you and convincing you to make wrong choices.  One of the choices that they convince you is to allow them to hang out with you so they can control your thoughts and influence you.  I know this might sound ridicules for some people, but it is not far fetched at all.

Also people keep saying, “Well if you are a good person. If your vibration is high…why would a negetive entity hang out with you?”   You know…….it doesn’t matter if your vibration is high or not.  All entities have agendas.  They have the ability to be good or bad.  So you cannot trust and take their word for it.  You need to really think for yourself and not let others influence you.  That is my basic foundation of belief.

On that Saturday I spent some time with Simone and went to Old Folson town and went to Planet Earth Rising store.  I purchased a Moldavite for Simone and a Fluorite sphere for myself.  I was drawn to the Fluorite.  The moment I picked it up, it bubbled in my hands.  I mean…the way to describe it is like a shaken bottle of sprite and it is fizzing and bubbling.  You can feel it.  Well this sphere feels almost similar.  After holding it in the store for 5 minutes long, the bottom of my feet started to feel bubbly.  I knew for sure that I was going to take it home.  I even asked it.  Then as I got to the cashier, she held it in her hand to look for the price tag.  She said, “Whoa….its like fire.”  She felt it too.

It was a nice day.  Had Togo sandwiches and then went home. I had lots of fun today.


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