I remember events in my dream, but not necessarily in order.   This is a little gross, so I am going to warn you.  I recall being in a hotel room.  Then two men came into the room and they wanted to use the bathroom.  I told them to not to.  Then for some strange reason, it felt like I was in this “trance-mediumship”.  That crazy man actually entered my body and went to the bathroom to do the “number 2”.  I freaked out.  When it was done, he left my body and stood beside me.  We both looked at the toilet and I yelled at him, “You messed up the entire toilet!”  He ignored me and left the hotel room

Then I was outdoors on sidewalk with one of my classmates named, Ana from OTA class.  We were waiting in line.  While I was waiting in line, Ana decided to walk across the street. She said that she needed to walk around and will be back.  She didn’t go far.  She just looked like she just needed to walk around to stretch out the legs instead of standing there for so long in line.  While she was doing that, this woman kept on talking to me.  Honestly, I am logging this dream 3 hours later so I cannot remember every detail.

It’s been a hectic morning.  I woke up with my cellphone ringing.  We had visitors at the house.  Now I am just going to write whatever I can salvage in my memory.


Bowel Movement 
To dream that you have a bowel movement signifies that you are successfully getting rid of your old habits/ways and thinking patterns. It is usually analogous to the release of strong emotions, such as anger or hatred.

To dream that you have a bowel movement in a public place suggests that you are expressing regret about something that you said. You may have spoken your mind a little too loudly.


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