counting-sheepI experienced a lot of phenomena the last few days.  I also forgot to log my dreams for the last few days.  I will try to salvage with what I remember.


I dreamt that I was walking beside a man.  He was very tall.  So tall that I felt unstable standing beside him.  I held onto his hand and I had to look up to get a good look at him.   It felt like we were a couple, but it was rather strange as I felt like a midget.  I looked over to his right side and there was a young boy at the age of 5 or younger holding his hand.  He looked down at me and said, “Are you okay?”  I told him, “I guess I should wear high heels next time.”

I briefly had a look of his face but I couldnt make out who he is.  If I knew him already in this life or not.  It was rather vague.


I had a dream that I walked into my bedroom and saw that things were rearranged.  My bedroom was without the mess I had.  My room cleared.  My room was literally clean.  I got upset because not only was it clean, I was freaking out because I now could not find the things I needed.


So I was laying in bed and looking through my cellphone.  I said to myself that when I graduate, I will rescue a dog.  I browsed through a list of dogs with thumbnails on the screen of my phone.  I was pointing to each thumbnail and talking out loud, “Awww so cute!”  Then as I hovered one at a time at each thumbnail, I heard a voice saying very loud and clear, “No.  Not that one. That one is trouble.”  I was rather fascinated and also a little startled.  I touched that particular thumbnail and the dog had a history of biting and separation anxiety.


I was again laying in bed and looking through my cellphone about a day later.  I then heard a female voice and it said, “Ping!”   Can you imagine that?  I was startled again.

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