In the dream there was 5 or more pugs and they were sitting in pots. I help them stabilize out in the garden. 1 pug looked like it had punk rock hairwith blond alfalfa hair. One of the pugs looked like it was a weak and it didn’t have a balance. Sometimes it would drizzle outside in the garden. It felt like I checked up on the pugs and they looked stabilized and sometimes they were having their own community. Other areas in my dream I was feeling like I was at a road trip with my parents. It felt like I was driving through neighborhoods and I knew there were beaches nearby everything was flat and the houses were beautiful average size houses. And sometimes it would rain. I remember saying to my parents in the car that I wanted to use the bathroom pee. And then I came back to the area where the pugs were and i felt a little irritated and sometimes feeling a little scared but the pugs looks really cute. And they were finally stabilized in their pot. But I dont understand why.


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