counting-sheepDREAM LOG

I have to say that it wasnt really a dream, but I would have to post it this way since it happened while I was asleep.

Sometimes I am too tired to cleanse myself at night before I go to bed.  I energetically do a cleanse, so that I do not encounter anything that will startle me.

I heard a voice. Yes – I was reminded again that I am Claireaudient.  You see when I sleep, I really dont want to be startled. I just want to sleep and wake up the next day.  But yes I heard it.

I know it was not of the light because it said terrible things.  I was actually proud of myself for not freaking out like I use to.  I always cuss everytime a voice wakes me up.  So I heard it say, “If I want, I can control people.”  I naturally just said in my mind, “Weirdo. Go away.”  Hahah isnt that funny?

To those of you who are new to my blogs, you will notice that I correlated Dreams with Mediumship too.  You can have a medium connection when you sleep.  I just dont like it.  Only because, when I sleep, I WANT TO SLEEP.

There you go….my log.


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