Young Girl Asleep on PillowThis is not really a dream.  Im inserting it as a dream log because it happened when I was asleep.  I like to log everything that happens when I sleep.

Last night I heard a voice say, “THE DEMON IS LEAVING”

Creepy right?  Well sometimes I can dream without images.  Sometimes I see moving images in my sleep. Sometimes its total darkness and I FEEL what is happening.  Thats probably hard to understand for those who are not familiar with this type of phenomena.  There are different kinds of intuitives.  Some people who are intuitive can see visions, hear, smell, taste and feel. Sometimes there are senses that you cannot categorize too.  Sometimes intuitives can feel all at the same time. Some senses can be stronger than others.

As for me in this phenomena last night…….I was able to hear with no images.


I would have to say this is the result of using the GROUNDING EARTHING product. Ive been using the body bands for two days now.  I wear it to sleep too.  Demon?  Maybe…anything is possible?  A demon is also to me are things that influences you to continue make wrong choices or just repeating a bad habit.

If I have to interpret this myself.  I am purging in the last two days on emotional things.  Perhaps……I am now finally releasing issues I’ve had with people. Or issues Ive been dealing with for years.

Grounding really does feel like I am resetting my values and priorities. They say that it helps with your physical body.  If you get rid any emotional issues, naturally you can see the results physically.

I log so that I can look back.  It’s logged for my own reference.


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