It’s I think at least a week since I received the Body Bands. When I first used them, I just attached them to my ankles and my arms. I did feel some tingling and when I am fully relaxed, I can literally feel this draining feeling going down my foot.

k1Three days later after watching several youtube videos about Earthing, I was watching David Wolfe where he talked about the K1 acupressure point under the foot.  By just rubbing this spot, it will bring a lot of benefits.  I read somewhere it relieves headaches. They mention that its good for foot spasms, shock, convolutions, revival, excess fear, bed wetting, and grounding located in the center of the ball of your foot. I’d rather be massaged on this point then have a needle stuck here. Good for the adrenals and kidneys.

So imagine if you could place your body bands in this area where the K1 acupressure point is?  Well I have been doing it for a good two days. I literally feel so much better. Be sure when you try it that your skin is in good condition.  If its overly dry, moisturize about 2 hours before with lotion.  Then place the body bands.  I know that it still works regardless if your skin is in good condition or not, but it would be better.  At least thats my opinion and approach. You can do whatever you want.

I can sleep so much better now and also I feel energized.


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