singingI’ve been using the earthing/grounding technology for at least a week.  I have noticed a burning sensation when I urinate. I thought at first that I may have a bladder or kidney infection.  But there were no bleeding or blood.  I know what a bladder and kidney infection is like.  Definitely not the same.

I read a lot last night and this morning of the possibilities of why I got this strange thing going on.  I found out that it is possible that I have kidney stones from the detoxing.

Here is the remarkable thing.  I been working on my beliefs for the longest time.  I worked on myself through healing and asked Creator to remove and dissolve them.  Within less than 5 minutes, the weird pain of wanting to urinate finally disappeared.  It was finally gone.

This is good news.  It means that most of my blocks are cleared.  I am not saying I am perfect or completely UNBLOCKED.  This…….I AM UNSURE.   I honestly cannot say I am completely unblocked with issues.  I still think I do have them.  I just havent found them yet.  But there needs to be a celebration.  There is proof that I have cleared most of my stuff. At least the obvious ones.

I know I probably need to work on my issues on the world.  I have tried to release my resentments towards OLD ROME or ANCIENT ROME.  I muscle tested and there was a problem with that.  I did try asking to remove it but it returned.  It’s really a deep resentment because when it was cleared for a month, I was open like crazy.  A rude awakening happened. Until next time.


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