What is it?  It’s a white powder made up of diatoms. What are diatoms? They are the phytoplanktons that left their remains and it’s fossilized.  When you ingest it, it suppose to clean out your digestive system especially your colon.  When you have a healthy clean colon, you will be able to absorb your nutrients better.


I started taking it about a week ago.  FOOD GRADE OF COURSE.  So far it’s been 7 days.   Why did I take it?  Simone kinda forced me into it. She made a one teaspoon in prune juice and I chucked it down in a gulp.  My first reaction is…”Geeze. It taste like shampoo.”  Well you know…everyone has their own way of describing it.  That is how it was for me.  The first three days was hard to drink, but after that, I was able to drink it without any problems.  Im now at 2 tsp a day.  I been taking it right before bedtime with prune juice.  I am not a fan of prune juice but that was the only juice we have in the house right now.

The third night – I started to feel chills under my blanket when ready to sleep.  They were not like fever like chills.  They were unusual chills.  But I could feel the air was hot because it it still summer time.  I have to say that I felt really chills.

After the fifth night – I started to sleep normal without chills.  But every morning…my body warns me.  Yes I know I know.  But this is a very healthy sign.

I will not give you a synopsis of what I see.  Because I never look.  Im too scared to actually look and describe it. SO I NEVER LOOK! SO DONT ASK ME.

A lot of web sites….people literally talk about this.  I myself cannot.  The reason?  I am too scared to actually realize whats been living in my body.  I really cannot imagine or assume.  I will just cleanse myself and not look.  HAHAH!


I never knew the benefits of DE until after Simone got me to drink it.  I started doing research.  I think I am too exhausted to actually write it all down.  For me though…what I found appealing is getting my reset button on my health in order.  If I have to sum this up, it would be detoxing your colon.  Right now it is summer time and it is the best time to detox.  When you detox, you can get rid of stuff that really do not belong in your system.  When you detox you can now absorb your minerals and vitamins better. Summer time is best because whatever what might be in your system, they are all out thriving. That is the best time to do it.  In the winter months, they start to hibernate.  Yah I know this kinda sounds gross.  I think its gross too.

Many people lose their hair because of hormonal issues or parasites.  If you can reset that button, it would be so great wouldnt it?

Also Ive read it makes hair grow faster, and grow your nails.  There were many testimonials on the net about people went from almost balding and hair returning back. People with thin hair….were now getting thick hair. Sounds great right?

So what personal issues do I have?  I would say that so far I feel very much regular now with my daily stuff.

I also get sleepy at the right time for bedtime.  So it sort of resets your biological clock for sleep time.  At least this is my experience.


I think just seeing a difference in my health.  I would like to see a lot of improvements.  I will keep all of you updated.



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