CAm2nZcUYAEHqE4Today we went off to go to an appointment early in the morning.  There was also an appraiser that was going to take a look at the house while we went out.  My parents were practically in the house and doing their own thing.  Everyone in the house loves our cat NightWing.  We all never let him leave the house.  It will also take him a while to actually walk out of the house.

So when we got home, we saw the appraiser just leave the house.  When we walked into the house, normally Nightwing greets us at the door.  I know for some owners this might be weird, but in actuality….he literally does greet us at the door like a dog.  BUT THERE WAS NO  NIGHTWING.  Where was he?  Simone started crying and we walked every corner of the house. Inside closets, under beds and you name it….we looked in every possible nook and cranny.

We did some dowsing.  We got that he was in the house.

I even asked Creator where he was.  Creator said he was inside the house.

After twenty minutes looking all over inside the house and the perimeter of the house. Front garden, back garden…..we were convinced that he actually escaped the house and left.

Simone cried and my heart was broken.

I spoke to Creator and asked to send NightWing a telepathic message.  I told Nightwing to MEOW out loud because we want to know where he is.  Suddenly he started meowing a lot.  We all stood there saying, “Did you hear that?”  Then we looked all over the house and NightWing kept meowing and meowing.

Then my Dad heard it too and we said to eachother, “It seems like he is in the walls.”

My Dad automatically opened this trapped door under the floor in his master bedroom closet. There he stuck his bead to look below and he saw NIGHTWING.  He was chilling….walking around.  Having a great time.  My Dad actually called out to him and he hissed.  He didnt want to get out from under the floor.

We spent a good twenty minutes trying to entice him with cat toys, cat food.  HE really ignored us.  Then I got one of his favorite treats.  I fed him a few treats. I tried to carry him out but he was too heavy and I missed him.  I showed Simone what I did and told her to try it herself.  It was just difficult to hang around at the edge and try to carry a cat out.  So I made Simone do it.  I was holding onto her tshirt and the belt loop on the back of her jeans.

SOON ENOUGH….Simone got Nightwing outta there and he went straight to the tub for a CAT BATH.

I have to say….I did teary up when I almost lost hope.  I love the kitty cat.  He is a meany but I love him.  LOVE LOVE LOVE NIGHTWING.


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