11111Yesterday was pretty traumatic for me.  Someone I know that is very important to me was having Suicidal thoughts.  It really gave me a scare for the entire day.  It really is a painful to watch the people you love really act as if there is nothing to look forward to.

I spent quite the day monitoring this person to make sure she was still ok and throughout the day she would text back.  It was relieving to always see that she was ok.

I am actually preparing for an exam and I could not concentrate. I was busy trying to find ways to help this person who has suicidal thoughts.  I even called the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1 (800) 273-8255.  They gave me instructions what to do and that was to ask open ended questions with the person.  Especially trying to get answers to the details about the plan of trying to attempt the act.

It was a very exhausting day, but it was worth it trying to find ways to help this person.


Im an intuitive and so this was the natural thing to do for me.  I  pulled out all my books that were related as a medical intuitive.  MIND YOU…..I don’t think I can fully say or say in solid ground that I am a MEDICAL INTUITIVE because I am still a student in my own definition.  I found a page about Depression.

Book marked it and when I saw that person again, we worked on it.


It has to first do with being trying to balance Seratonin , Noradrenaline, and hormones.  Then cleansing of the liver.  This is all we did to connect with Creator.


Something wonderful happened.  No suicidal thoughts.  Opened the blinds and told her to enjoy the sunlight for a good 30 mins to an hour.  Had a healthy breakfast….and there was a smile on the face..  Im glad something stabilized her.  This is truly a miracle for me.

I will also try to get her to go on Zinc, B12s, Omega 3s, Amino Acid Complex and Vitamin C, Vitamin D.  They say these are deficient with people who feel depressed.  (DO NOT TAKE THESE UNLESS YOU CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE THEM)


This person is extremely important to me.  I would not know what to do with myself if anything awful would happen.  The journey is on and I will continue to help because she is my life.


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