Caucasian woman sleeping in bed

I couildnt remember every detail of this dream.

I remember being in a big white room.  There were a lot of people there.  It seems I was laying down.  Like being in a hospital.  Everything got blurry and at this point I remember my dream.  The man was in a blur and I was looking at the person above me and I know I was laying down.  The man handed me a KEY.  It looked like an old fashion key at first glance and he said to me, “You can have the key. Just dont zoom in.”

At this point in a few seconds I woke up from this dream.


I did some research on dreammoods.com.  Basically it means opportunties or new things. etc etc.  I cant remember every detail.


It means that I will have access to knowledge for my EXAM.  Also the zoom in statement?  It clearly means…..I have access to this information…..just dont ZOOM in to the details.  So basically to not be so detailed with the questions,  Sometimes reading into something may not be a positive.  But all will be great!


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