Yesterday I spent half my day baking macaron french cookies.  To be honest…from someone who does not bake ALL THE TIME…I have to say that was HARD WORK.  Macarons are finicky.  But this blog post is not about Macarons.

I spent half the day trying to whip egg whites and the recipe asks for it to be stiff like the Seattle Needle. I guess stiff straight up.  I dont own a Kitchen Aid Mixer machine because I am not a HOBBY baker.  I do it once in a great while.  So as I am holding a hand held electric mixer… took forever to mix it to stiff peaks.

As you hold this hand held mixer….it makes this whirrring sound.  Vibrates in your arms and hands.  In my previous posts years ago, I mentioned how to protect your auric field.

  • Wear devices that protect you from EMF
  • * hematite
  • * shungite
  • * when asleep – or getting ready to sleep – turn off electricity in bedroom, if you could…your entire home
  • *be aware of vibrations that do not harmonize with your own
  • *minimize harmful vibrations
  • * meditate to repair and strengthen your auric field
  • * meditation is a way to bring yourself to a higher vibration which protects you from other forms of vibrations that will cause a disturbance
  • *grounding like walking on the earth, dirt and sand will help repair your auric field
  • * MORE….to name a few

Any kind of outside vibration that does not harmonize with “YOUR OWN” vibration will be a disturbance.   Bottom line….your body omits a sound.  YOU ARE A SOUND.  Every person has a unique sound that comes from your body.  That unique sound that creates who you are… what makes the physical of you.

IF YOU can imagine another outside vibration or sound that comes into contact with your physical or etheric sound……it will cause a disturbance.  The vibration of a BOMB is a sound/vibration that can cause a disturbance to change the vibration of objects, organic living things and people.  Causes the sound to change, dissipate or break apart.

So as I was holding this mixer….I knew it was horrible for me.  Whirring it for 20 to 30 min straight to get the perfect peaks.  When I went to bed….I woke up to a strange noise at exactly 4am.  I felt something brisk by me.  I also could hear the slithering sound.  Don’t get me wrong….I did not see it with my eyes.  Why?  because sometimes we dont see anything.  BUT I CAN TELL YOU……I can feel it.  I saw it while I felt it. It felt like a serpent type creature.  Not quite a snake….but it was in another realm…another reality.  It literally felt like a SERPENT like creature. CLAIRSENTIENCE – you just know.

As your auric field breaks down because of outside disturbances….you can actually open yourself up.. Things can get close to you and touch you.  I personally do not like things close to me.  .I do not like things that startle me.  I like to ALWAYS ALWAYS be in control.

SO TONIGHT………I will be working on cleansing and repairing my auric field and all areas of my aura.

HERE IS A VIDEO BELOW – to show proof that all different sound frequencies create something. So imagine every cell of your body creates a sound to form the physical you. Watch how sound creates a form.  It is similar to ourselves as beings. We take on our FORM because we have our own personal vibration.


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