imagesBeen taking the Diatomaceous Earth since the early August and then started increasing my dosage to 1 Tbs before going to bed.  I have been on the 1 Tbs for over a month and I am experiencing healing crisis symptoms.   It should be a good thing since it is a sign that my body is on it’s way to healing better.

I had strange dreams like a red headed boy died.  Also a feeling of anxiety when dozing off to sleep.  It’s like one of those times when you doze off and right at the moment you are ready to go into deep sleep, your body decides to wake up again.  I would do that without my control in the last 5 days now.

When I am fully awake during the day, I am not in a grouchy mood.  I thought without a sound enough sleep, I would become agitated easily or maybe even turn into a zombie like the walking dead.  But I seem to act just about fine.

There are areas in my body that has really changed.  Like the tightness in my pelvis area deep inside the boney area, I can tell I am being cleansed.  Also they say ovarian cysts are normal and that when you reach menopause, you start to see some shrinking inside.  Well I gotta tell ya….Im lysing like crazy.

Also whether you use DIATOMACEOUS EARTH or some other type of parasite cleanse, you will have that feeling like you are dying.


I learned years ago at my first basic Thetahealing class that when you do a parasite cleanse, you may have feelings as if you are dying.  The reason for that….just imagine these little parasites are living in your body and they are attached to areas in your body.  They may even attach themselves to some nerves in your colon.  When they are attached to you this way, you start to take on their feelings as well.  You become “ONE” with the parasites.  That is why when you hear about people who grind their teeth at night or hear voices.  (YES, the voices or things you might hear, may not be spirits/ghosts. It could be a parasite too.)

People don’t realize that another energy attached to you is really not a good thing especially if you are supposedly an INTUITIVE.  If you are giving readings, you need to be aware if there are other energies, “like parasites” living in your body.  You can give a tainted reading.

That is why it is important to cleanse yourself physically inside and outside….as well as spiritually inside and outside.


My reason for cleanses is mainly for health reasons.  I don’t really want to become a world reknowned Psychic/Medium.  I don’t care for making money off of it or making it into a side job career.  I just want to be healthy physically, spiritually and mentally.  Just the thought of parasites living inside me and they have some control over my thoughts is really disgusting to me.  SO I HIGHLY suggest you do a cleanse for even just the reason to be SANE.

When parasites start to feel like they are dying, you will start feeling it too.  You will think you are dying as well.  Why?  Because they live inside you and you can feel them.  EMPATHIC yes.  Most of us humans are natural empaths.  GIVEN!  After reaching the far end when the healing crisis is over, you will start to notice a feeling of freedom.


RIght now I can feel my hormones are balancing itself.  My stomach is getting flatter……less bloating.  Nails and hair are growing fast.  Im actually debating if I need to increase my Diatomaceous earth dosage because I am feeling like I am “IN THE BETWEEN”.  It’s like hanging off the edge….anxiety.  It’s like something is dying but trying to hold on.  I know sounds gross.  There you go….my review about DE.


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