11111I try not to indulge into my fantasies about missing a person.  I am the strange one.  This is the sad part abut being a Venus in the 12th House person who is especially in Aquarius. Here is the duality about it…we are supposedly secretive.  At the same time with the 12th house in Aquarius…it feels like an obsession too.  It’s that behavior where I feel invincible.  Im not afraid of pain but the duality about being hidden makes me feel like IM GOING INSANE.

Ive really found the ultimate end.  They have that typical story about the VENUS IN THE TWELVE HOUSE person who falls in love……stays in an unrequited love for many many years. Suddenly they reveal their undying love but its too late. They realize they dont know how to move on and love another.

I heard that story many years since I was a child.  I took it like a grain of salt.  I didnt take it seriously and laughed it off.  I even said….THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME!

Well here I am…I am part of that story.  I tried to transcend. I tried to avoid the fate.  I tried to control it.  NO way around it.  It was meant for me to go through this FIRE.

There is a person that I know who has a Venus in the 12th House and she is happily married.  A celebrity that we all know but I wont reveal her name.  She is happily married over 20 years but before this current marriage, she had a divorce.  She is known as a legend too.  But I admire that she is still with someone.

I hope to be one of the lucky ones with this placement.  But the only way for me to transcend from this fate is not to avoid it.  But to learn from it and learn to move forward.

People may not believe it but…..if you ever have a new boyfriend or girlfriend with this placement in their chart….VENUS IN THE TWELVE HOUSE….hold onto them. Dont let them go.  Once they love someone…..they will love you forever.  They will never stop loving you. If they ever seem like they didnt say a thing or show it…..its because they are afraid of rejection.

Reach out to them and get them to open up.  You might realize they have loved you since forever. Maybe even way before you were born. It will feel like theyve loved you in a past life.  What is really sad is……they are afraid to reveal because they been rejected many times before.  They are definitely hurting inside.  Under their smile is a sadness of love that they can never have anymore.

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