empoweredI am taking a risk right now.  My daily routine is to meditate before bedtime and lately Ive been doing it in full force.  I guess what I am trying to say is that
when I meditate, it usually is about healing.  My normal routine use to be just about cleansing my space.  But the last three to four weeks, I added healings.  So the past two nights, Ive been skipping it.  Why?  I will say below.

When I was 7 years old, my parents were building an extension to our house in our backyard.  They construction people dug around the foundation about 3 to 4 feet deep and it outlined the extension of our new area of our home.  When I was a kid, we still continued playing outside but we were not allowed to go near the foundation holes.  I was learning martial arts at the time and I was practicing.  I even stepped backwards and then BAM I feel backwards into the foundation holes.  Yes approximately 4 feet deep.  I was in pain.  My Grandfather pulled me out of there and started massaging my back.  I only remember being in pain but we never went to the hospital.  In time the pain on my back was gone and I went along my life as normal.

Once in a while my Grandfather would urge me to do these back massages and he kept reminding me as I got older that I injured myself and to keep a close eye on my childhod injury.  I never understood what he meant as a kid but I do remember it.  As I got older, I was always a happy person.  I never let myself get too stressed.

One day I opened a business.  To make this long story short, I was super stressed out when I had my photography and fashion show business.  Then my back started to have pain.  I thought I did something to injure myself but later as I took enzyme supplements, I could feel the scar tissue on my back becoming tender to the touch.  I started to remember what my Grandfather told me.  I really investigated that whenever I got stressed, the scar tissue would get inflammed or grow.

These days I beein doing my meditations that helps me to heal.  My senses heightened so much to the point where I was too sensitive especially in my ears.  I was beginning to hear things.  My senses just went crazy.

I havent meditated.  So I decided that I will meditate during the daytime only because I think meditations heightens my senses so much why would I do that at bedtime?  I do not need heightened senses when I am sleeping.  I think this would be more helpful if I just do it during the day time. When I meditate, I believe my vibrations get so high that I even when I am sleeping, I get all kinds of stuff happening.  I just dont like it.  It can be startling.

So that is my new plan. Yes…time to chill.  Tomorrow I will start meditating during the day only. Hours and hours before bedtime.

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