mainImage4I know its mercury retrograde.  A reminder for me today to stay away from social media and high traffic of interaction.  I have come to realize today how much I need to re-evaluate my relationship with people.

Today – I came to realize that the one person, who I call one of my FAVORITE people in the world, is full of hatred towards me.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know how.  I am constantly being provoked by this person.  I stand in the back minding my own business and all I get is a constant reminder that I AM THE LAST PERSON ON THIS EARTH THAT HE WOULD TALK TO.

If this is the case, this is fine with me.  I am full of sadness and disappointment. BUT WHAT CAN I DO?


I cannot make a person like me. I cannot make a person give a damn about me.  When I made this realization months ago, I had to really finally take off the rose colored glasses and say, “Look at the reality. That person really hates you.”  Even though I am constantly told by this person that he does not hate me.

We never had that conversation. We never had that conversation to bring ourselves to peace. All I do is sit back and watch him constantly hurt me. I give up. Sitting back? Yes this is his passive aggressiveness.  Its as if a person is angry at you but they interact with you as if nothing is wrong. ITS JUST PURE BULLSHIT.

Then again it is mercury retrograde……I might be overly dramatic right now. I just needed to vent this out or I will hold this in emotionally and it doesnt help my health at all.

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