Something amazing happened to me last night.  This is another amazing experience. I dont want to say that I do not have many miracles.  I truly believe I experience many, but last night I was given a reminder about what I have been struggling with for the past few years.


The dream that I just had last night was pretty brief, but I remembered the main parts.  Before I went to bed, I opened my Disease and Disorder book and worked on my heart organ.  There is a section that talked about why people feel heart pain.  To name a few, it mentioned people who have had many relationships may think they are still with these individuals subconsciously.  Another a subconscious belief that a person could be angry and resentful towards their parents.  One that may relate to me is without carrying the belief, “I know what it feels like to receive love easily.”


I asked Creator to instill these feelings because I was feeling this tightness in my chest.  As I was asking Creator to work on this belief with me, I felt this vibration in my left side of my chest. It was slightly painful but at the same time I knew Creator was doing something.  When Creator was done the pain was gone.


I havent remembered my dreams for a long while. It could be because I have a dreamcatcher and I wear Hematite crystals on my shoulders when I sleep.  Theres a reason I wore these, but that is a different story or blog post. An interesting dream happened……

soulmateIt felt like I was in a house or hotel.  I was living in it comfortably but there was a man I knew that shared the same living space area.  I was avoiding him and pretending that I didnt know him.  I felt within my heart in this dream that I was afraid of him.  But there was a moment in this dream where I walked by him and he grabbed my wrist. He pulled me into a different room. We had a private talk and he said that he missed me.  He said that he has been wanting to speak to me for the longest time.  I placed both my hands on both his cheeks and said to him, “I will always always love you. Don’t forget that.”

The dream seemed as if we had a ong conversation about a confession of our feelings of not speaking to eachother.  I cannot go into the details because I cant remember it.  But it was confessions.


I really wished I didnt wake up just yet.  That dream really was like a big relief.  There are a few things that made me think about the FEAR.  That is probably something I think I need to work on.











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