I would like to first make a disclaimer that you should always ask your doctor before starting any new supplements. I do not want to be responsible for your health or any negligence for taking things that may not work for you.

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I currently take a few supplements and I have decided to add Vitamin K.  I always take D3 during the fall to winter months until spring due to Flu season.  What I found amazing is the combination of taking D3 and K2 together had made a dramatic difference in my health.  I literally could feel the difference.

I guess at my age, you can feel the difference.

I have been battling this strange feeling of tightness in my legs, feet and arms.  At first I thought it was because of age and these were signs of deteriorating with age.  After researching about what could or might be happening, I found that I needed to add K2.

As we get older, we do not make a lot of enzymes anymore and as our bodies stress we also do not direct calcium into the bones as they are suppose to.  So if calcium does not go to the bones because of stress, where does it go?  It can attach themselves to the walls of your arteries.  This can lead to heart disease and clogged arteries.

Even though you do not like taking supplements, consider taking it for just finishing an entire bottle within a whole month just to maintain your body. Do this three times a year if you can.  I want to remind you that do not just go out and do it.  I would prefer you take a second opinion from your primary care doctor first.

This post is really to just tell you my experience and my opinion.

Its very effective combining the two vitamins because after three days using it I just feel so much better.  I could stretch my legs better. I can stretch my chest and arms behind me.  I feel much more flexible.


They say when you do yoga you may be able to create the chemicals needed to maintain your body.  But I know there are some people that dont believe yoga is a preference for fitness.  What I am saying is that people are all different and they all have their own preference for exercise.  So what happens if you cant do yoga but need to balance the chemicals in your body? This comes to the decision for people to possibly just taking supplements or eating certain foods to aid the body to ultimate health.


He explains Vitamin K2 very well.

You can also eat foods that are rich in Vitamin k2:

  • Grass-fed organic animal products (i.e. eggs, butter, dairy)
  • Certain fermented foods such as natto, or vegetables fermented using a starter culture of vitamin K2-producing bacteria. …
  • Goose liver pâté
  • Certain cheeses such as Brie and Gouda (these two are particularly high in K2, containing about 75 mcg per ounce)

nattoI do also have Natto in my freezer. It has lots of K2.  I defrost it in the evening and in the morning I have it for breakfast over steamed white rice, garnished over with green onions. You can also add soy sauce if you want. People do get creative with this and you can find them all over the internet and youtube.  If you havent tried it yet, you may need to start with half the natto container to try.  To be honest its slimey, but it is packed with TONS OF NUTRIENTS that will help you.

If youre going to ask what I take? I take the Doctor’s Best Vitamin K2 with MK-7 and Nature Made High Potency D3.

According to Dr. Eric Berg, he says 100mcg Vitamin K2 and 10,000IU of D3 to maintain your body.  If you feel your arteries are feeling clogged, he says times 4 of each per day (400mcg Vitamin K2 and 40,000IU of D3)  This is only the worse case scenario.  Like I said time again, you should talk to your doctor before trying this.  I personally believe that you should just intake and increase what your feel.  Once you feel a good dose, stay there and finish up the bottle.  Your body will tell you if you need to start another month again.  Listen to your body.  GO TO THE DOCTOR for advice first of course.

So I hope you go out and research about it.  It is really a great thing.  I really just wanted to share this wonderful information to you.



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