empoweredIf you have been following my blog for at least three years, you would already know that I am an intuitive.  There are many kinds of intuitive people and I know for sure I am an odd one.  I wont go into too much detail about what kind of intuitive I may be.  To sum it up, I do have certain beliefs that may not agree with the typical traditional intuitive person.

With the previous blogs that I have posted, I have forgotten to make a post about the difference when my neighbors finally moved out.  Its been over a year.  Before they moved out, I was getting a lot of disturbances.  It was really annoying.  In fact I was restless, maybe borderline anxiety and just constantly finding ways to rid of these entities.

When the neighbors finally moved, I noticed that the environment in the home was less stressful.

A little more information from my parents and Simone……they had told me that the neighbors moved out because the owners didnt like the fact that they were doing recreational drugs and they were really not maintaining their home.  So their Landlord got rid of them.

singing2I was really surprised.  You see when you have a background of training in energy healing and intuition, I was told that entities like to stick themselves to people on drugs.  It doesnt have to be cocaine, heroine or even crystal meth.  It can also be marijuana.  Also get this…..even when you take prescription drugs too.  Learning this fact only made me push it to the back memory of my brain because I didnt think it was that significant.  Even my mentors mentioned it time to time that they had problems with neighbors taking prescription drugs in their neighborhood.  They say, “Oh their entities like to bother us sometimes.” Even when they say these stories, I still put it to the back burner in my brain because it was not useful information just yet.

But to finally put this all together after knowing the neighbors were evicted, I now know why I was getting frequent visits. If you read my many months of blog posts trying to figure this whole thing out, you will see how FREAKED out I was.  There was an urgency to get rid of it.

1I truly believe that my many months talking to Creator resolved these issues.  I have asked Creator to always bless my home, my bedroom and the people that live in it. Also protecting my space inside and outside my body.  I truly believe in my heart, Creator really was there for me.

With tenacity and patience, finally it happened….they were now forced to leave.

I wont go too much into detail about my experiences going head to head against them….but to sum it all out……I learned a lot and I am so grateful that Creator taught me many things regarding the situation I was in.

Here is the thing, my parents nor Simone ever experienced the madness of entities bothering them.  I was the only one.  It was because I was aware and believe me…if you show signs that you can acknowledge them, they will continue to bother you.  I COULDNT pretend it wasnt happening.  It was so damn obvious. This is the life of being an intuitive.

My current neighbors are pretty cool now.  I dont get those weird bumps that come around in the night anymore. Geeze…I remember they use to come around in they daytime too. THANK GOD its over!


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