242510-god-bless-americaThis post will be a little unorthodox as I normally do not talk about politics on my blog. But I need to rant because this is my opinion about the spiritual or new age community.  For some strange reason, they all been saying, “We do not need to vote because it is fear that will make it worse.” Or they say, “As long as I dont see or hear it…it will just take its course.”

Sorry……but this is just PLAIN RIDICULES!

I recall a spiritual teacher that use to say, “Move the pencil.”  The pencil was literally on a table and she asked people to move it.  People in the room were actually trying to move it with their mind. Or asking the Creator and elementals to move the pencil.  Although I do know it is possible for people to have the possibility of telekinesis, but when it comes to this USA elections…..you cannot use telekinesis.

Unfortunately today is the last day to sign people up to register to vote, so maybe my post will not move or encourage anyone.  Perhaps a few may at least wake up and try.  But this is a very important election.  I will not reveal who I will be voting.  But keep in mind to not watch the mainstream media to help you make a decision.  In the mainstream media, there was just too much scandals and its all personal.

2016-01-06-eliOur country is not run by personal attacks.  You need to really look at each candidate’s policies.  Ask yourself WHO YOU ARE as a person….as a citizen.  Then ask yourself what is important to you. Then read newspapers, mainstream media and ALTERNATIVE MEDIA too.  I know people are afraid to look at alternative media because our society has labeled them as CONSPIRACY THEORIES.  Of course I want all of you to be very careful.  But there are many alternative media that are really telling the truth.

Ask yourself the question, How can the mainstream media lie?  When the entire country gives CNN their trust…dont you think there is plenty of room to really LIE?  Of course there is.  I am sorry but CNN has been caught many times lying.  You will also see that MAJORITY of the mainstream media have their own agendas.  If they have their own agendas they will be bias and encourage you who to vote.  Also they will also make one of them look like the bad person.  Do not believe everything they say. You must investigate.  Be responsible.  Be aware that HUMANS do have agendas.

God Bless America.  I hope the consciousness of this country chooses the one who will not make us regret.


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