When it comes to my oral care, I want to share with you about the benefits in oil pulling, wheat grass & tumeric.  I think there are so many articles, blogs & youtube videos of the many perspectives about these natural ways of aiding oral care.  The American Dental Association does not support the practice and you must know that there are many of those that have received success.


I want to start off writing about Wheat Grass Powder.  I have found that people use this to kill off bacteria, treat tooth/gum aches & removing odors. They would take approximately 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of the powder into a shot glass and fill the rest with distilled/filtered water.  Mix it up and then swish it around in your mouth. They say if you have an affected area, you just let it sit there. As far as I know, the chlorophyll from the wheat grass kills all the bad bacteria and infection.  I dont have a testimonial for myself, but I will be adding this to my oral regime.  HERE IS A VIDEO ABOUT IT:


My friend called me one day and we had a normal conversation about politics.  At the end of our phone call, I told her I needed to hurry and start brushing my teeth.  I told her that my gums and teeth are sensitive and that if I didnt do my flossing and brushing on time, I would regret it.  He suggested that I do some research about oil pulling.  After we got off the phone I went ahead and found a lot of articles.  It looked promising and I already had coconut oil in my own cupboard anyway.  By the way, you can use sesame oil, olive oil and coconut oil.  Some people add a drop or two of clove oil or oregano oil too.  I tried it and I have to say my first try was very relieving.

What I did first is floss, brush my teeth with Sensodyn and then I oil pull.  I did this for three weeks.  My gums showed progress in three days.  The bleeding minimized and the pockets at the lining of my teeth were also filling in.  I felt great.  I did this regime for approximately to this date 3 weeks.  My testimonial is that my teeth are whiter and the lighter part of the lining of my gums have now blended in with the rest of the healthy gums.  The pockets are gone.  I will be posting a video about it, but you should also do a search on youtube to find out more about it.  To be honest, I dont like mouth wash anymore.  I think it is just way too harsh for your teeth.  Oil pulling is perfect and gentle.  There are a lot of testimonials.  HERE IS A VIDEO TO OIL PULLING:


About four days ago my left upper molar was giving me minor problems.  It was slightly sore and the tooth was slightly getting loose.  I had no idea what to do. I normally use Colloidal Silver and it has worked very well for me for the past year.  Here is my TRUE TESTIMONIAL about Colloidal Silver and Tumeric.

For a year I been swishing Colloidal Silver around the left upper molars.  It would remove the pain but the tooth would still remain slightly loose.  I did this for a year.  Getting temporary relief from the pain.  It was only four days ago I found information about Tumeric.  They say it will strengthen the gums surrounding the affected tooth and also kill any bad bacteria surrounding it.  I was skeptical and why not try it.  I have nothing to lose.  I used a regular toothbrush and added the tumeric powder and started brushing with it after flossing and using the sensodyn toothpaste.  So dry tumeric powder was just spread out onto my teeth.  The affected area, I literally bit the toothbrush to make sure the tumeric goes into the gums.  Instantly the pain was 70% gone.  The next day, I did it again in the morning and in the evening.  That evening, the pain was 100% gone.  The third day in the morning, my tooth was stable and no signs of it being loose.  WHAT A MIRACLE! It worked so much better than Colloidal Silver.

You will find all over the internet where they make the concoction mix with tumeric powder, coconut oil and peppermint oil to make their toothpaste.  I have tried it, but for my own preference, I am ok making the paste out of tumeric and filtered water. I just keep it thick when making it.

I have to say, Colloidal Silver is a great product.  Its good for sore throats and if you have any sicknesses that you feel is beginning to start.  It will help you really well.  Somehow….the TUMERIC champions better when it comes to aching and loose tooths.  It LITERALLY WORKS!


Theres my testimonials for oral care.  I havent tried wheat grass, but I will surely add it to my regime.  Maybe Ill blog it when I finally do it.  But take care of your teeth.  There is a lot more to blog about oral care.  This is just a fraction of only what I have done and will plan to do.  LOVE YOUR TEETH!


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