Welcome to the New Year 2017

Last year was a strange time for me.  My life is very much aligned with the personal year, to gregorian calendar and the western astrology.  Its in their natural houses and also numerology too.  I try not to make a big deal out of it as I sometimes joke about it at times that I was born to be a witness.  It’s possibly true. Haha.

The reason I say that last year was a strange time for me is because I knew before hand that a lot of changes were going to happen.  I study patterns in my life and I know exactly why things are happening.  I also know when a person I care about are going to be fading out of my life too.

I was never always this way in the earlier parts of my life.  I was aware of patterns but I never took them seriously.  I sort of joke about it and at the same time I knew.  As I got older and started realizing that I AM HUMAN, I started to see some of the limitations and possibilities.  I needed to relearn my perception of the world.

Before I continue, I want to first mention that my Blog may be out of this world.  It may sound a little crazy for some people who don’t know me.  As a warning….I write because I want to read it again to see where my mind was back then.  It really helped a lot.  The benefit in looking back in my blog is finding a connection.  I have found it helpful for me.

Going back to the topic of last year vs this year.

For my 2016th year…I was expecting a lot of changes, an ending of a process, a beginning for the next year, cleaning up, realization and a waking up from a delusion of the past.

Those of you who may get triggered and who hated the 2016 election….I predicted TRUMP would win. Why?  Because it was the year 2016 of change.  You see numerology 2016 is a number 9.  THE NUMBER 9 is the end of a cycle.  This is also my personal year number.


I WILL TRY TO TALK POLITICS here as a NON PARTISAN and try to understand me without judgement.

In my past, I have seen the cycle of the numbers 1-9 in my life.  To tell you the truth….I never relied on it. Haha.

I never took out a calculator or add or subtract and let it rule my lifestyle.  It was always for fun ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE activity.  But the last three years…Ive been calculating and watched pretty closely at the last three years of changes.  Then I started counting backwards of the years in my past and looked certain events that happened correlating to the years 1 through 9.  Its very interesting.

But it was amazing that I knew that TRUMP was going to win.  The reason why I knew was because intuitively I could feel that the world was going through a change.  It didnt seem that Hillary was going to make changes.  So that was just my first thought.  It was very clear that numerology and the alignment of astrology was not in the favor of Hillary.  Im sorry if you are a Hillary supporter.  I just knew that the time was not in her favor. It was very clear.


I also noticed that a lot of people who were psychic vampires around me were now going to be in a different world from me.  I still interacted with them, but I tried to focus on the changes in my life. In the ending of 2016…I got a job. Remember that the number 9 year is the year also the BEGINNING of a new year. Closing the old and starting the new.  Also there were some old relationships I had in the last 9 cycles that burdened me. That would be starting 2007 till 2016.  If I look back, in 2007, I said good bye to someone I really care about.  In the 2007 year, I was beginning to get to know a new person and started a new relationship. As you can see, 2007 is a NUMEROLOGY 9 year.  If I go back 9 years before that….1998.

In 1998, I started a new relationship too and coming into numerology 1 in 1999.  NUMBER 9 has always been a beginning and end for me in relationships.

This time in 2016 I noticed that the people who burdened me psychologically and emotionally has finally ended.  I never started a new relationship. I just hope this is not a bad sign. HAHA.  But I noticed that this cycle of not repeating it may be a good thing.  You see between 2007 to 2016 in this 9 year cycle…I was holding onto left over emotions. I was able to face them in 2016 and finally let them all go.

I had to psychologically understand my resentments and also what burdened me.  I had to reason myself….and find a way to start peace within my mind and in my heart. I will discuss it later in a different blog post as it can get very detailed. But it was a revelation.


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