I had a dream of my cousin Leah. I was trying to walk over a small skinny stream of water.  It wasnt quite a stream.  It looked more like spring water flowing in the grass.  I saw my cousin wave at me at the other side of this flowing water from a rustic type structure/building.  I walked over the flowing water and walked into this rustic structure.  Inside it started to look like a library.  It had green short carpeting and book shelves against the wall.  I felt that I was in the children’s books section.  My cousin waved to a young boy and she sat down onto the carpet. As the little boy walked closer, she gestured him to sit on her lap.  Then they both opened a book.

I wasnt told who this little boy was. But automatically my heart says this was a son of hers.  Strange thing is….her son currently is in his early 20s.

This interpretation could mean many things.

Her son is currently is getting married soon. He recently got engaged.  So the little boy could be her son or a prophetic symbol of having a grandson.  The little boy didnt feel like it was her current son. So its possible….Leah may have a future grandson versus a granddaughter.

SO we will see what will happen.


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