DISCLAIMER Please consult your doctor if you decide to take on new supplements.  I am not in the business nor licensed to give advice for taking supplements.  This blog/web site is mainly to record my thoughts and opinions.

I have been changing my supplements lately. Ive added Vitamin K2 and increased my D3 intake.

I have been trying to figure out last year what was happening with my body and Ive only came to the conclusion was that I was aging.  I stopped taking my normal ONE A DAY Womens Multivitamins because of learning about Calcium.  I am now searching for a Multivitamin without calcium.  I will be planning on finding calcium in a more natural way.

In the mean time I have been reading and watching Dr. Eric Berg.  He talks about Vitamin K2 a lot and also the calcification of the arteries.  It helps to really take K2 to mobilize the calcium to the bones.

SO far I have been on K2 at least a month and I have felt some changes.  I have been taking the normal maintaining dose.  It has been only a few days I have decided to do a clean up dosage until the I can feel the difference.  So the clean up dose is 100mcg of K2 (4x) and 10,000 IU of D3 (4).  I decided that these strange tightness in my legs and chest just needs that extra boost of clean up.  I pretty much know my body and I can feel it out, so please make sure you speak to your doctor.



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