I guess I have to make an explanation why I stopped writing an entire year.  I got a job and I was focusing on my health.  I wish I wrote some of my dreams but I was so preoccupied trying to re-energize and then going to work.  I really will try my best this year to write more often.  I should do it to just record my experiences.  It wouldnt matter if anyone would want to read it or not.  I will try!

So let me do a quick summary of 2017 about health and wellness.

Im sitting here thinking what has happened.  I started wearing make up again on a daily basis.  I decided that if I make myself presentable, I will be able to start make myself marketable to date again.  I also started researching the best colors for me for daytime make and evening make up.  I did a great job at it too.  I also invested on a microdermabrasian personal machine and its been at least 5 treatments.  I do it once a week.  So far I love how my skin is turning out.  I also started to return back to a traditional skin care regime.  I guess I should talk about it in my future blog posts.  I really like what I have put together for myself.  I find it a bit strange writing about these tiny details but I guess this is how it is.

I have also changed the way I eat too.  I have started intermittent fasting and its working out.  My appetite has changed.  When you dont eat breakfast anymore and start eating a healthy lunch and dinner, your actual stomach shrinks.  You really do not have the energy to stuff yourself with food.  I will again go in more detail about intermittent fasting too.

Also its been almost two years meditating and working with the Creator to heal my chest.  I have to say that I am 100 percent healed.  The only thing is that I know there are a few emotional things that needs to be fixed.  I can feel the energy stuck there.  I have been digging on emotional issues.  I have to say I am a bit surprised with the kinds of triggers I found.  Its rather disturbing for me because it surprises me.  I say, “Really?  I didnt know I felt that way.”  I will write a post about that too.

So Im glad I am back.  Looking forward to use this again as an outlet.


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