I have been a ThetaHealing® Practitioner  since 2010. I have an interest in all healing modalities and I am open to learning more. At this moment in time, I am able to help with DNA Activations, Belief work, and many other healings by using  ThetaHealing®.   I have a love and passion for ThetaHealing®.  It has become a lifestyle for me. 

I created this Blog/Web Site as an internet home base for me to collect information regarding the subject about Spirituality, ThetaHealing®, Dream Journal and more.  This web site was mainly made for the purpose of recording all of my inspirations, thoughts and dreams.  I hope that you enjoy my web site as much as I do.  I enjoy looking back at the things that resonated years ago and compare them with records I have written today.  Feel free to share your thoughts.  I welcome all questions and answers.  We are all here to learn.

I am willing to help others to learn and understand the modality called, ThetaHealing® developed by Vianna Stibal. This technique has really changed my life. I have witnessed healings with family, friends, and myself. Personally, ThetaHealing® has changed me emotionally, physically and mentally.  I have witnessed many miracles with people who have minor sickness: strep throat, headaches, open cuts, ear infections, stomach aches, major: gingivitis, diabetes, manic depression, hairline fractures, kidney infections, stroke, trauma, beliefs: quit smoking, weight consciousness and more.  I have also experienced major shifting in my life for the best and highest good. People, events and beliefs that are without serving me have moved to a distant area in my life which I call a faded memory.  I have also moved on to better things that will enrich me to continue to experience God and the world.  I serve God.  I serve the World. I see Creator everywhere in every being, object and energy.  I see God in the world.  By serving the world, I will do my highest best by nurturing, loving, healing, learning and teaching others about my experience with Creator of All That is. 

Everyone will have a different experience and I hope that you find the time to browse through my web site and educate yourself with some of the things I learned about ThetaHealing®.


In Creator’s Light and Blessings,

Grace Ballesteros









Like the practice of medicine, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation and Thetahealing® are not absolute sciences.  Hypnosis, self-hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation and Thetahealing® are for educational and self-improvement purposes and are not for the diagnosis or treatment of any mental, behavioral or physical ailment. Hypnosis and Thetahealing® are not substitutes for standard medical care.  (Click here to read more)


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