Stroke (CVA) Survivor – Today I was trying to put my left hand on the steering wheel while I drove up Howe Ave. My fingers automatically opened. The area that corresponds to the stroke meridian area of the right side of my head began to ache but not badly. I was able to continue driving. My knuckles on my left hand ache badly when my hand is relaxed. Whoo hoo change is happening. My therapist noticed the shifting and ease of my left arm.  —— P. Williams, Sacramento, California, USA 

Thanks Grace for the healing about success.  Thanks for the healing.  Love you and again thanks for being there for me always.  —— S.Cabrera, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Hey grace, I had a good time talking with you yesterday.The cleansing is taking place and wiping away my clouded mind. I am realizing how much more I am blessed with and I know I dont need all these spiritual awakening tools because I know I have all the tools I need already. I am getting my priorities in order. Detoxing from smoke is what I need to stay balanced, and eating more consciously and why I eat is with intention to give thanks to creation. From that gratitude, all life will be in harmony and peace with my vision. Thanks again grace.  —— R. Jacoshenk, Loomis, California, USA

I’ve had this pain for over a month from a hairline fracture.  I never bothered with it as I was always hoping it will heal on it’s own.  One day I told Grace about it and she offered a healing.  In a few hours, the pain subsided.  The pain I felt for over a month is gone.  I will be seeing a doctor next week to verify.  Thank you Creator of All That Is and Thank you Grace.  —— P. Ross Turro, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

When Grace did the downloads, I felt it at the right side of my head and feeling it out to my right leg.  The second set of downloads I felt my back scapula in my spine.  I felt intense pressure.  The DNA activation, I felt the energy running up and down my hips to my shoulders, back of my head, my third eye, my nose, inside my head.   This was an interesting and amazing experience.  —— P. Williams, Sacramento, California, USA

I feel unveiled and released.  I feel like my awakenings are strongfelt and I am more aware.   Grace worked a dna activation, psychic attacks, soul fragment exchange and beliefs with me.  I feel like a new person.  —— R. Estillore, Sacramento, California, USA

Grace did a few downloads on me.  With just a few minutes, I started to feel lifted.  —— E. Franklin, Sacramento, California, USA

After the DNA Activation, I started to notice that my manifestations were quicker and I felt a big change.  —— Shar Cabrera, Honolulu, Hawaii USA

I felt uneasy and a tightness around my shoulder and neck.  After a quick session with Grace, I started to feel at ease and more relaxed.   —— David Alcarez, Sacramento, California USA