My previous post was about the possibility of being channeled.

Well I no longer have that anymore.  I know people who are not into ThetaHealing may not understand what I am about to say.

I havent been sick for three years. Seriously…no sickness.  But lately I been exhausted, traveled to Hawaii, stressed out planning an event in Hawaii, my ex BK was getting on my case…..and my parents were COUGHING like crazy all over the place inside the house.

How could I avoid?

Well I ended up with a cough and strep throat.  It wasnt in the bad stages. It started off a dry feeling back of my nose and then I started to cough uncontrollably.  So I asked Creator a couple of times to remove streptococcus out of my throat.  Well it worked for that brief 15 minutes then it started again.  I spent a day or two this way. Doing the same thing once a day.  Later I read in the “Disease and Disorder” book, that you have to do it every 30 minutes because the Streptococcus reproduces all the time.  So really, you have to be on top of it and do it every 15 min.  So I did.  I did this for a couple of days and it helped a lot.  Then I notice that my throat was not hurting.

It was not hurting but I was still coughing.  I realized later that whatever is happening behind my nose was still there.  There was a drip. A slight infection.  The drip made me cough.  So I asked Creator to remove the infection.  Next thing you know it…..IT WAS ALL GONE.


The follow up on the channeling.  Thetahealers understand that sicknesses or diseases have their own vibration.  I am thinking perhaps the thoughts or sounds I got were a number of things.

The sickness I carried at the time was also channeling through.  The viruses and the germs and the bad bacteria were channeling their vibration through.

Also being weak that way, I could be a source for energy since I was occupied trying to get better.  Weaker.  Entities could be playing with my head.


I made it through and I quickly got better.  I can imagine now some people who think what I am saying is crazy. Hahaha.  I dont care what others think anymore because I only know my own experience.  If you dont like what I WRITE….maybe you shouldnt visit my blog anymore.  This is my freedom of writing, venting and expressing myself.  You dont like it?  Dont read it.



I dont know how to write this out.  Something strange has been happening.  I remember a year or two ago, I was adamant about channeling or mediumship.  Only because it is something I am unknown to and it is the fear of getting into a place where I am unaware of.  I recalled the days when I would take naps into the car, or anywhere and I could hear myself slightly forming words as I breathe in and out through my nose and mouth in asleep.  I heard words that were very strange to me.  I hardly cuss and it was strange to have formed words that were cussing too.  So as this was a touchy subject, I was very adamant with the idea.  Suddenly after being full of the beliefs that this is wrong to do, it finally stopped.  At least to my knowledge it stopped.  I no longer hear myself talking or forming words when I sleep.

Well the past two nights or naptime events, I started again.  But this time there were no cussing.  It sounded like I was saying, “uh huh, mmm hmmm and mmmnn.”  How odd?  Yes very odd I say.  I ignored it on the first evening.  I thought maybe I was just very tired and that I must be just exhausted.  Then I started to become very exhausted after working at a photo shoot, I was listening to a friend of mine talk on the phone and slowly dozing in and out of sleep.  I did it again.  I never really took much thought about it.  Just ignored it again.

Now last night is when I realized what might be happening to me.  So I thought maybe it is time to do a tune up and wonder the possibility of FREE FLOATING MEMORIES.  So I asked Creator to remove these free floating memories and replace them with Creator’s love.  Well I felt it, it was a lot and when it was done, I felt lighter and I said to myself, “Yay.  Maybe Ill stop talking or whatever that is.”

I was wrong.  Because I still continued it and this time it came with a conversation inside my head.  Random thoughts that I honestly do not even control.  I began to start feeling cold in bed.  I then said in my head very loud and clear, “GO AWAY! I need to sleep!  GO AWAY!  This is my space.  GO AWAY!” It didnt go away for a couple of times.  Then finally it got warmer inside my bed again.

Now I do ask Creator every night to take all entities, spirits, ghosts, waywards, demons and fallens that are without serving me any purpose to be automatically pulled and sent to Creator’s Light, in the highest and best way.

Well…I left it up to Creator and asking that without serving me purpose, I guess the ones that are serving me purpose, hang out.  Oh boy!  But you know, some of those thoughts that came up were scarey.  Things that I dont want in my thought process because I am afraid of manifesting them.

Anyways…Ill give an update again tomorrow to see if anything has changed today.



I just got a phone call from a friend of mine who wanted feedback of my thoughts about Lemuria and Atlantis.  I don’t read about books about these two subjects.  I am actually unaware of a lot of it.  I recall reading or hearing from people of bits and pieces about it.  Maybe it is time for me to educate myself.


This is what I know from gathering from hearing it and reading bits of it. They were kind of like the Native Americans or indigenous people we know today like the natives in South Africa and South Asia…and more.  Very simple in lifestyle and probably followed spirituality in a simplistic way.  Although perhaps they might have looked at “God” as little fragments of god of the earth, the sky, the rain, the plants, the ocean….etc etc……I believe it’s still one God.  They just looked at it this way simplistically.


I believe they were the upgrade of the Lemurians. They took the ancient teachings and wanted to be innovative.  We are this way today.  Innovations and becoming better.  Why not?  Nothing is wrong with being this way.  We are constantly today looking for a faster and easier way to make our lifestyles better.  So people have said the Atlanteans were more advance than the Lemurians.  I don’t disagree with that.


Look at our world today.  We are living in the reflection of this story or what people may call it a myth of Lemuria/Atlantis.  But look at the lives we live now.  This story is actually happening right now.  We live in a place where we do see the indigenous people being conquered, exploited and taken over. They live simply right now like the Lemurians in these stories. Very nature like.  Just like how the Hawaiians vs the United States.  Then you got the United States that were or are…advancing to be innovative. To be ahead of the entire world and be first in line.

Bottom line I have learned that sometimes the words in the New Age community, they say, “God dwells inside of us, therefore; we are all God.”  This I agree, but I do also know there are people who have lots of ego in the way or have that need to want to be the leader, center or master.  When this happens, we start to forget the humbleness and then over power ourselves into believing that we can RULE the world.  Greed and power begins without reminded that God is the reason for the unconditional love and the creation of the Universe.  Im not saying every Atlantean was this way.  I do believe that sometimes the people we seek guidance or were given the power to lead, they have the ability and capability to have an agenda, choose right or wrong and to make decisions that can hurt others.   That is why it is best to listen within yourself and ask Creator for the highest and best…”answer”, “results” or “solution.”  In many teachings from the greats in the past like Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Paine, they have always mentioned that we should all listen within ourselves and experience God. (This is a whole different blog subject).  It is hearsay to rely on someone to take control of our well being with their word for saying they will be able to protect us.

So these are my thoughts about it.  It’s my opinion.  I guess I need to really read more perhaps other people who write about the topics online.  Maybe books that I can pick out and read too.