stock-footage-leaf-text-animates-on-to-form-the-word-future-blue-sky-with-clouds-and-green-grass-in-theI am going to only submit one post for my dream and my thoughts.  Only because I have followers on this blog and I dont want to bombard them for trying to log a dream and my ranting in two different posts.  It would be such a pain right?


Last night and throughout the day when I nap.  I been hearing a voice and a presence of a man.  He kept asking me, “What is this for?  What do you think?  Why is it this way?  Why am I this way?  What do you think I should do?”  Yeah it was not annoying but I was just tossing and turning.  Just logging it in.  I know it’s not quite a real dream.  I think it was a telepathic message (mediumship).  Yep.  I know it is.   I just can recognize these things.


Okay here is the thing.  This summer I have to take a class to fulfill my graduation for the program I am in.  Not a problem since it will be on Saturdays.   I was hoping to take Thetahealing classes like maybe Intuitive Anatomy or fly out to Idaho and become a Basic Thetahealing instructor.  The problem is scheduling.  Somehow, the nearest instructors in my area do not teach Intuitive Anatomy in the summer time.  So I look for an alternative like flying out to Idaho.  The thing is that it is going to cost tons of money to travel.  I submitted a scholarship but I havent heard from them, so it is about two months now before the actual trip to get certified.

The most promising right now would probably learn a new modality.  Like Reiki and Access Consciousness.    I still love Thetahealing.  But these other modalities would be great extensions to my Thetahealing skills.  So I am already thinking of learning Access Consciousness.  I have never received a treatment, but I have seen little demonstrations on youtube and also spoke to some people who already taken the class.  I tried a few pressure points on myself and connected to Creator too.  I notice there is a surge of energy in these points on the head.  According to Access Consciousness, there are 32 points in the head that is related to a lot of things in our lives like communication, time and space….etc etc.  Its like reflexology but its mostly on the head.

mediumshipSo I will learn the first class which is called Access Consciousness the Bars.  When I was doing some research on this, I think it is user friendly.  Im thinking it might be great to bring my mom with me.  We will see.

So the goal for this summer is possibly learn Reiki and Access Consciousness.  If I can fit more in, Ill try to learn more other workshops.  We will see.


Have a great week everyone!